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Pool Rules

pool rules must be read before signing membership form

1.    Pool manager, greeter(s) and lifeguard(s) on duty are in charge at the pool and the entire property, overseeing the safe use of all the grounds and all equipment pertaining to it.  Either official or association officer has the authority to eject any person or persons from the grounds for failure to comply with the rules or failure to comply with the safety instructions.  All members are required to familiarize themselves, their children and guests with the rules.

2.     The pool is open during the following hours during regular season: 

        Monday – closed for private parties and maintenance. 

        Tuesday – Saturday – open 12pm to 9 pm.  

        Sunday – open 12pm to 9pm.

3.   Members must check-in with the greeter upon entering the pool property.  Failure to do so may cause you to be denied admission.  This is for your safety in case of an emergency. 

4.   Greeters may ask members for identification upon entering property. Failure to provide identification may cause you to be denied admission.

5.    Children under the age of 13 years old must be accompanied by a parent member or adult member at least 18 years of age.

6.    Young members must be able to pass a swimming test given by the lifeguard on duty to be able to swim in the deep end of the pool by themselves.

7.    Members will not be permitted on the sundeck for the 2019 season due to pending repairs

8.    Guests are permitted at the pool under the following rules:

a.     An adult member must personally register all guests with lifeguard and must pay guest fees.

b.    Guest fee is $5.00 each guest for an entire day's admission.

c.     All guests must be accompanied by an adult member.

d.    Wrist bands will be given to guest members and they must wear it during the duration of their stay at the pool.

e.  Five guests per family per day limit.

9.    Everyone entering pool must shower first, completely saturating hair.

10.   Swimming attire must meet the standards of decency for a neighborhood-family pool.  Cut-off jeans & cotton clothing are not acceptable due to maintenance problems with pool equipment.

11.   Only diapers certified by the manufacturer designed for swimming pool use will be allowed in pool.

12.   No foul language is permitted and member/visitor(s) can be asked to leave if repeated requests are ignored.  (If a minor, the child’s parents will be called and told of this infraction).

13.   Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the property at any time.

14.   Only beverages in non-breakable containers are allowed on the premises. Food is allowed in designated areas only. 

15.   No food or drinks allowed anywhere on cool deck, in or near the pool. Please ensure that your children throw away all trash and clean your area before leaving.

16.   No smoking is allowed anywhere on the property.

17.   Any member or member’s guest caught vandalizing the property will automatically lose their membership.

18.   No skateboards, roller skates or roller blades are permitted in the pool or picnic area.

19.   Non-inflatable objects are not permitted in the pool, particularly rubber & tennis balls.  No water guns.

        20.   Absolutely no running on cool deck or concrete & no horseplay. ​

92019 Hours of Operation

Regular season

May 24 - aug 11:

Monday    private parties/closed

Weekdays  12pm - 9pm

Friday          12pm - 9pm

Saturday     12am - 9pm

Sunday        12pm - 9pm

aug 12-sept 2: 

Monday        private parties/closed

Weekdays    4pm - 8pm

Friday            4pm - 9pm

Saturday      11pm - 9pm

Sunday           12pm - 9pm

Hours & Rules